Maintenance services


• Repair and maintenance of aircraft up to 5700kg

• Inspections Renewal Certificate of Airworthiness

• Weighing aircraft





EASA Part M subpart F - BE.MF.0004

EASA Part M subpart G - BE.MG.0104

BCAA approved workshop VA 94/30 ( Annex II airplanes)


We service Lycoming, Continental, Rolls Royce, Rotax piston engines



Scope of maintenance


Certified aircraft


Aermacchi  Marchetti 205/20R

Aquila A211

Beechcraft    All single engine piston models

CEAPR  Series DR3..., DR400, R1180TD & HR100

Cessna  All series 15..., 17..., 18...

Commander Series 112 & 114

Gyroflug/FFT   SC01 Speed Canard

Grumman  Series AA5

Maule  MX7

Piper    All single engine piston models

Socata  Series MS, Rallye, TB2...

Sonaca 200


Annex II aircraft


Jodel   117, 120, 315, 1050, D140A

Piper   J3 and PA-18 series

Univair  108-3

Nord   NC-858-D

Fournier  RF5B

Auster 1JU


CAMO services






Several flights schools, private owners

(Scope identical as above)